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Kaila Murphy

Vice President

Tara Derby

Kelly Hogan



Deborah McMillan

Computer Coding and Literacy:  Literacy-focused educators may be wondering how literacy fits it in with coding movement. Learn how!


Leeann Howard


Angie Betancourt

Past President

Doothy Pollett

IRA State Coordinator

Jeanne Trawick

Integrating Science and Literature into the Classroom:   Need some new hands-on science lessons? Let us give you some new ideas. K - 3 Science demos, experiments and literature.

Membership Director*

Krista Underwood

 The ILA Website: How and Why to Navigate It:  Are you familiar with the wonderful resources available on the International Literacy Association website? If not, you are missing a wealth of research-based information that has real value to classroom practice! This presentation demonstrates how to navigate the ILA website and find those awesome resources!
Technology Coordinator*

Trudy Jackson

  1. Become a Literacy Leader - strategies to lead literacy in your school
  2. Building Relationships - strategies to build relationships and lead your team to success

Event Coordinator*

Julie Reardon

Public Relations Coordinator

Tammy Gillmore

  1. Blogging:  Write WITH Your Students - Model, model, model!  Use this tool to engage students in writing assignments to practice using this online environment.

Executive Secretary*

Susan Peterson

Dept. of Education Liaison

Kathy Mascuilli

Student Liaison

Becca Burrow

Address: 3450 Clearwell Rd., Conway, AR  72034
Phone: (501) 908-4461

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