Who Will Find 

 ARA Treasures to Find ILA Treasures to Find
  1. Who are the Thursday Conference Author Luncheon Speakers?

  2. One award or grant from three categories

  3. Under what tab would the President’s Checklist be found?

  4. Log into your profile.  Renew...if needed!

  5. Using the Directory, look up five members.

  6. How many sub-tabs rest under the Conference tab?

  7. What one piece of information should be added to the website?

  1. How many youths worldwide are illiterate?

  2. What is the deadline of the Honor Council Awards for 2015-16?

  3. What is ILA Bridges?

  4. Who is president of ILA?

  5. About whom is the blog post  “Empowering Educators With a Model for How to Moderate Difficult Conversations in the Classroom”?

  6. How long has ILA been active?

Website Scavenger Hunt Responses

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Phone: (501) 908-4461

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